Monday, June 25, 2007
Back from Heroes
Heroes was great as usual! Sorry I haven't attended to the blog for a while. I was buried with work as soon as I got home and it didn't let up until yesterday. As soon as I can post it, I will. It was an exhausting trip from start to finish. I'm either getting older or these cons are more work than they used to be. Here are a few pictures from the con. Good times!

Rosario talks about the O.C.T. trade as David does an impromptu manicure.

David drones on and on about his "research" as Rosario and I try our hardest to not take a cat nap.

Mr. Cully Hamner at the Gaijin booth. My mere presence make him giddy!

We had dinner the last night at The Cajun Queen. It was amazing! Highly recommended! Rosario nabs the appetizers with her gigantic stretchy arm.

Our dinner party. Left to right... Cully Hamner, Sarena Shasteen, Me, Tommy Smith, Rosario Dawson, Gus Vasquez, Kevin Gardner.

I took this... obviously feeling the effect of a few too many Sierra Nevadas.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Heroes Con :: O.C.T. Panel

Saturday, June 16, 2007, 2.00 pm
Occult Crimes Taskforce (O.C.T.) Panel
Room 217 A/B

"It's hard to be more popular than Rosario Dawson--trust us, we're trying hard--but with her recent credit as co-creator of Occult Crimes Taskforce, she seems determined to add to her popularity empire! Join her, writer David Atchison, and artist Tony Shasteen for a look-see into the creation of this unique project! And who knows--maybe Rosario will answer a couple of questions about her day job while she's there!"

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Bill Paxton :: Sketch
Season two of Big Love started last night. It's one of the few shows on tv I keep up with. If you don't watch it, I recommend you give it a shot. It may get rid of that bad aftertaste of the Sopranos finale. Uhg... probably not.

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Monday, June 11, 2007
Happy Anniversary!
I'm a day late, but twelve years ago yesterday a couple bright eyed, bushy tailed, naive kids got hitched! Good lord we were young. It seems like we've spent the majority of our lives together and I wouldn't have it any other way. Love ya babe! Here's my lovely wife as a space woman and me as a creepy shadowy figure lurking behind her... much like our day to day life!

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Heroes Convention

I'll be in Charlotte NC for the Heroes Convention later this week! This is a convention I look forward to every year. Shelton Drum has been putting on the show for the past 25 years and he does a fantastic job! It's like Christmas, a family reunion, and a liver destroying frat party all rolled into one. If you happen to make it to the show, stop by the 12 Gauge booth (920 & 1019) and say hello. I'll be signing prints and the new O.C.T trade paper back all weekend. Hope to see you there!
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Saturday, June 02, 2007
30th Anniversary Star Wars Frenzy
Yep, I'm a geek too. And I say "too" because you know you are as well! Don't deny it, embrace it people! A lot of news and rumors came from Star Wars Celebration last week. I'm sure some are true and some aren't as usual. There's the rumor of new Star Wars films set hundreds of years prior to Skywalker, during the battle between the Sith and Jedi. If it does happen I hope that Lucas lets someone else direct or they'll be as worthless as the prequels. Now the best news is the sneak peek of the new Clone Wars animated series. It looks fantastic!

This is a panel from some sequential work I did a couple years ago. You can see more here...

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