Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Predators Motion Comic
Last July I worked on a couple Predators motion comics for the blu-ray edition. The timeline was tight, but there was no way I would turn it down. I was a HUGE fan of the original! GET TO THE CHOPPA!

This was a very collaborative project for Tony Harris, JD Mettler, and myself. Like I said, we had a short timeframe, so we broke the work up from the start. I did the layouts for the project.

These layout were done at the final size in Photoshop, but they are rough. Once we had the layouts approved, we broke up the work. We new JD would color it, but this was a new process for Harris and I. We decided that he would do a good portion of the foreground characters, while I would do all the backgrounds, close-ups, and shots with no characters. Our styles are close enough that we thought it would mesh well.

Here's an example of how I broke down the work load. Red = Harris, Green = Me. Each of us did our parts, then I would assemble everything in Photoshop. From that point, I gave JD layered files to color. The guys that animated it needed everything drawn and colored on separate layers so they could move the camera around, push past foreground elements, etc.

Below is the start of the Noland story. These are the panels where I assembled my work with Harris's. EVERYTHING had to be layered. Vines, trees, all the foliage, foreground, middle ground, background... all layered. To make some sense of this, I added a grayscale to some of the elements.

The dead samurai was originally supposed to be Harris's, but I jumped in on these two (above). Harris did the foot and hand. Time was getting tight.

Then they were off to JD, and he did an amazing job coloring them. You'll have to buy the blu-ray to see the final animation version, but here's a link to the teaser:

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