Sunday, December 09, 2007
Girl in Pieces
Sorry for my lack of posting. I've been doing quite a bit of work lately that I can't post, so that makes for a very slow blog. I'll do my best to pick it up! And the work I'm doing now will be posted next year at some point.

I recently illustrated a piece for Realms of Fantasy called Girl in Pieces, by Graham Edwards. You may remember I illustrated another piece here, that Mr. Edwards wrote called Still Point. Both of these are set in same world that he's dreamed up. It's insane in a good way. Here's a short excerpt from the scene I illustrated...

"Arachne lifted one scrawny leg and kicked the garbage can over. For the second time that day, the girl spilled out. Only this time she was all in one piece. Above my head, all the rats sighed in unison. Behind me, I heard a colossal thump as Byron fainted.
I had to admit, Arachne had done a beautiful job. Everything was in place, and the girl was a real peach: long legs and a tiny waist, and everything else responding nicely to gravity as she picked herself up. Not a drop of blood on her. Trouble was, good though the needlework was, you could see all the joins.
Eleven thousand, three hundred and ninety-five discrete pieces, said Arachne. A triumph, even for me."

So, I know this is a creepy piece but it wasn't my intent. I dove into playing with all the textures and missed the fact that it made people squirm. I was going for more of a pin-up style piece, but if you dangle a giant spider in front of anyone it gets creepy.

I mentioned that I get into the details, right? The details of the stitches made my hand cramp. Here's a detail shot below...

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