Saturday, February 16, 2008
Conceptart.org :: Toadeer

I did this quickie last night for a challenge on conceptart.org. It's a good way to clense the ol' artistic pallet. For the competition you design a new creature out of two suggested animals. This was a mix of a toad and a deer. I was going for a massive body on spindle like legs, so you get the new born calf wobble. In a swampy environment it would use the legs to move around deeper water but rarely use them to hold up all its weight. And yes, it is silly looking.

It's nice to be able to do quick pieces like this occasionally, because you don't have time to obsess over the details.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Shadowrun :: Security

I recently finished a run of black and white illustrations for Shadowrun. In the past, the sections of the book that I illustrated were pretty straight forward, but this particular chapter was tough to get my mind wrapped around. It dealt with security in a digital world that somewhat resembled the Matix, but not quite. I think the scariest part was that, eventually, it started making sense!

I'll start with the easier "real world security" piece. This first illustration dealt with physical security in the real world, where the security guard is running a retina scan on a possible hacker. In science fiction pieces I enjoy building the "tech" the most. I'm thinking it came from my years as a designer constantly thinking of information architecture and graphic user interfaces. To me, science fiction has to be based on reality to be believable. Otherwise it pulls me out of that world, and then what's the point?

Here's the VERY rough concept sketch. More to come in the next couple days.

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