Friday, February 02, 2007
A Trade in Serpents :: Sketch to Final
Happy ground hog day! I just finished up this illustration for a Realms of Fantasy short story called A Trade in Serpents by Alan Smale. Look for in the June issue I believe. There are parts of this illustration I like, but all in all I wish I had a few more days to polish it up. Then again I could probably say that about any of my work.

“I would only add, that this Exporting of Felons to the Colonies, may be consider’d as a Trade, as well as in the Light of a Favour. Now all Commerce implies Returns: Justice requires them: there can be no Trade without them. And Rattle-Snakes seem the most suitable Returns for the Human Serpents sent by our Mother Country....”

Benjamin Franklin, writing as AMERICANUS in
The Pennsylvania Gazette, May 9, 1751.

Approval sketch

Final Piece
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