Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Last Man Standing III :: Underneath it all
I threw my hat into the ring over at conceptart.org's Last Man Standing 3 competition. I've always admired the competitors and their love of the medium. Luckily I heard about it in time to join and compete against a tough crowd. Here's the lowdown on the competition from organizer Cody Tilson...

"Polish up that hefty set of brass balls, ladies and gentlemen, because they're about to be plucked out of your pink little hands by the freshest crop of entrants. Out of pure masochistic pleasure and a loathing for spending my free time wisely, Last Man Standing lives on through year 3 in what promises to be its most massive cycle yet. A planned 360 contenders (not counting pussouts) over 4 rounds. 456 new pieces of artwork. 1 winner. And not one 1-on-1 battle. Shit is going to get intense. The complete listing of LMS3 Round One matches can be found here: http://www.lastmanart.com/lms3/round01
Topic: Underneath It All The topic, as always, is completely open to interpretation, allowing for you to visualize your concept through any subject matter you deem fit. This is an illustration-based contest, and you will be expected to turn in a completed piece that stands on its own without the aid of a description. Both traditional and digital mediums can be used, but the majority of your piece must be painted/drawn with little use of photography and 3D modeling." After much deliberation, and thumbnails, I decided to go with a fairly traditional, old school sci-fi piece. This is conceptart.org afterall, and I felt I needed a good mix of concept work, including pressure suits and a creature of some sort.

I tackled the theme by A) setting it underground. It's literally underneath it all... it's underground. I was an avid caver/spelunker growing up, so caves always seem like an exciting and dangerous environment to set a story. I couldn't pass up using the cave. B) using the webbing/goo/excretion as a trap. "It seems harmless to these explorers but underneath it all..." C) By repelling into the hole it adds another level to what's underneath in the darkness.

I was originally going to have a large worm of some sort coming out of a hole. When I started the piece I was working on this illustration, so apparently I had bugs on the brain. I still think a larval worm with big teeth would have been cool, but hey this works as well. In my mind this creature is a mix between a glow worm that attracts its prey by luring them to the light, and a trap door spider. It secretes this goo/webbing that has phosphorescent bits in it. When the bug feels a disturbance in the webbing it pops out and nabs its catch, pulling them back into it's den. The third member of the party already found this out the hard way.

Full piece

Detail shots

Check out all the pieces here:
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